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Hussle has partnered with addressing technology company, what3words, to help new customers find any gym across the Hussle network. The what3words address for every gym is listed on Hussle’s website so that new customers can easily identify the exact entrance when visiting a venue for the first time.

For people starting their fitness journey, a gym can be an intimidating place. Whether that stems from concerns around how to use the equipment, what to wear, or simply to locate the gym entrance on their first visit, particularly at larger facilities or for outdoor bootcamps in park locations where traditional address or postcode details can be too vague.

what3words is revolutionising the way we communicate location.  It has divided the world into a grid of 3 metre squares and given each square a unique combination of three random words: a what3words address.  It provides customers with a simple, memorable and hyper-local way to find gym venues easily. 

The service does not aim to replace street addressing. Rather, it is a useful addition when street addresses are not accurate enough. As the entire what3words grid is fixed, the what3words address for a particular location will never change even if buildings or streets are redeveloped.

3-word addresses are also unique, unlike street names which are often duplicated, and the system is optimised for voice, making it the ideal location system for the voice-enabled solutions of the future.

Giles Rhys Jones, CMO at what3words said, “Finding the correct entrance to a new gym that you haven’t visited before can be frustrating, especially if it has multiple entrances, it is located in a complex or is rural. Hussle have always pushed innovative solutions so it’s great to see them using what3words to help customers know exactly where to go for a great workout.”

Jamie Owens, Director of Fitness Partnerships at Hussle said, “Our goal at Hussle is to try and get more people involved in physical activity and ‘Make Life Work Out’. To achieve this, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the customer experience and iron out anything which might otherwise deter people from getting started. Collaborating with what3words means that customers can be assured that finding a new gym or outdoor fitness location will now be as easy as remembering three simple words.”