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At Hussle, we believe in developing relationships with all our gym partners. We aim to add as much value as possible to our gym supply to help them reach their business goals. Here’s what one of our longest-serving partners, 3d Leisure, has to say about working with us.

Dan Glue, Operations Director, 3d Leisure


“3d Leisure began working with Hussle 10 years ago to bring us additional revenue and membership leads. We realised the market is always changing, and it’s better to embrace new customer trends and make them work for you rather than resist. It’s a zero-cost marketing channel for us. We don’t have to set aside any marketing budget to be involved, and it gives us a competitive advantage over other venues in local markets.”

“The Hussle team assists us in setting up each new site and optimises our exposure on their platform to ensure we get a good market share of their clients. It is a great channel for new customers, offering us a different clientele as Hussle works with commercial partnerships that have a reach of millions of customers.”

“We have a partner portal that we use to quickly see a snapshot of our performance, and Hussle has also created a bespoke report so that, month-on-month, we have insight into the overall performance of our partnership. The reports focus on the improvement of revenues, customer feedback and customer redemptions to make sure we’re maximising our relationship with Hussle.”

“In the past two years, our revenue through Hussle has grown by 250%. An average club takes £6,000 more income through day pass users, and we take another £10,000 per annum in Hussle-generated memberships. Through Hussle, 3d Leisure has had approximately 26,000 unique customers.”

In the past two years, our revenue through Hussle has grown by 250%

“Organically, 5% of all Hussle day and monthly pass users convert to a club membership – 3,000 customers have converted to a 3d Leisure direct membership since Jan 2019 –so we’re excited to see how the new Membership Conversion Service, which proactively drives member sales, can boost this further once lockdown eases.”

3,000 customers have converted to a 3d Leisure direct membership from Hussle since Jan 2019

“Operationally, Hussle is a low maintenance partner that’s easy to work with. What’s crucial for us is they don’t, and have never, tried to tie us into an exclusive partnership. Our leverage as an operator is our ability to work flexibly with whoever we see fit, so exclusivity would have been a very poor strategic decision. We wanted to maintain control of the relationship and not become dependent on any single third-party marketing channel. Working in partnership with Hussle ensures us hassle-free income with no upfront marketing costs.”

“Since the start of the pandemic, the Hussle team has been in regular contact to discuss how they can help us drive more new member sales into the business, providing insight into what’s happening in the market to add to our own data and pushing our online offer via their customer newsletters. They have been sensitive to our clubs’ needs as we’ve gone through phases of closure and have adapted their model to provide us with more support in identifying and converting new members, which will be key after this latest lockdown.”